Committee Members

Margaret McKeegan


Hello, I am an MS sufferer and would like to help and support fellow MS sufferers. Having the condition helps to be able to understand the needs of the members and to identify where support can be given. I would like to motivate members to take up the weekly keep fit classes to keep themselves active and for there to be more awareness of what the society can do for them. I would also like to encourage members to consider taking up the offer of complementary therapies.

Lynne Shaw


I am a healthy individual with a family member who has MS which as you know is a disabling disease and I would like to help make a difference to anyone who has this disease. I do not take my good health for granted but would like to offer help where needed.

Jan Booth


I decided to join the MS Society of Jersey Committee at the AGM in April, as I felt it was about time after 32 years of having MS!

Jackie Brien


I have a family member who is a MS sufferer. Even though, luckily, she does not have the aggressive form, I was surprised by the length of time it took to correctly diagnose her illness. She has changed over the years but is always trying to maintain her level of activity via weekly keep fit classes and keeping abreast of new treatments. Raising funds to assist local MS sufferers as well as taking a small part of raising awareness of the illness, as well as the charity, is important to me as I am firm believer in being proactive helps all.

Helena Eeles


I have been involved with the MS Society since October 2013 when I joined the committee as the membership secretary, since then I have progressed to the role of Chairman. Other than connecting with our members the highlight of my time with the MS Society was organising a local black tie event to raise funds and awareness for the charity. I believe that it is important to help raise awareness within the community, especially amongst the younger generation. The younger generation also needs support and I endeavour to be someone who understands and can relate to them as I have grown with a close family member battling MS.

Tracey Freeman


Tracey was invited to join the Committee by Committee Members Jackie Brien and Lynne Shaw.. She is pleased to have this opportunity to help local suffers of MS by raising funds and assisting with administration, such as arranging events and updating the MS Society of Jersey website etc.