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Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in the work of the Society. Our members are a wide range of people including people with MS, carers, family, friends and health professionals.


Benefits of Membership


As a member of the MS Society of Jersey you can enjoy the following:


Free weekly strength and balance exercise at Jersey Cheshire Home on a Tuesday 11.30am. For further information contact Steve Martin on 285858


Members can request Financial Assistance in times of difficulty or for something specific that will improve their quality of life or help them keep independent.  If you should require Financial Assistance, please put your request in writing, with a brief outline on what your request is and your contact details, and send to our Treasurer - Lynne Shaw, 6 Bel Royal Gardens, La Route De, St Aubin, St Lawrence, Jersey, JE3 1JU, or if you are unable to do that please call the MS Phone number 07797 779903 where a MS Committee member will take you call.


Financial assistance with complementary therapies (Link to Therapies Request)


Membership Renewal


Should you wish to join the society or re-new your membership then you must follow this link.


Membership Secretary:


Tracey Freeman

12 Rouge Bouillon

St Helier




The cost of membership is £15 per annum


2018 Membership Form Here

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The aim of the society is to support those on the Island with Multiple Sclerosis and their families. We hope you find this website informative.

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