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Our Committee

Chairperson: Karen Eeles


Hello and welcome to our website. I have a family member who is a MS Sufferer which is why helping promote awareness of MS is important to me. I have been on the committee since January 2012 becoming Chairman in April 2013. I have even conquered my fear of heights by  jumping out of a plane at 12,000 feet to help raise funds for the Society.


We are always looking for new Committee members to join our team so please contact me if you can help support our members.


(Tel:  07797 721944 Email:

Committee: Helena Eeles


As one of my family is a MS Sufferer and i have friends who also have family members who suffer with MS I felt it was important to help raise awareness in the younger generation.  The younger generation also need support and to have someone who they can relate to who understands. I joined the Committee as membership secretary in October 2013.



Committee: Margaret McKeegan


Hello, I am an MS sufferer and would like to help and support fellow MS sufferers. Having the condition helps to be able to understand the needs of the members and to identify where support can be given.


I would like to motivate members to take up the weekly keep fit classes to keep themselves active and for there to be more awareness of what the society can do for them.  I would also like to encourage members to consider taking up the offer of complementary therapies.


(Tel:  858889  Email:

Committee: Jackie Brien


I have a family member who is a MS sufferer. Even though, luckily, she  does not have the aggressive form, I was surprised by the length of time it took to correctly diagnose her illness. She has changed over the years but is always trying to maintain her level of activity via weekly keep fit classes and keeping abreast of new treatments.


Raising funds to assist local MS sufferers as well as taking a small part of raising awareness of the illness, as well as the charity, is important to me as I am firm believer in being proactive helps all.



Treasurer: Lynne Shaw


I am a healthy individual with a family member who has MS which as you know is a disabling disease and I would like to help make a difference to anyone who has this disease.


I do not take my good health for granted but would like to offer help where needed.

Secretary: Tracey Freeman


Tracey was invited to join the Committee by Committee Members Jackie Brien and Lynne Shaw.


She is pleased to have this opportunity to help local suffers of MS by raising funds and assisting with administration, such as arranging events and updating the MS Society of Jersey website etc.

Committee: Donna McCorie


My mother was diagnosed with MS when she was 35 years of age, so I have had first-hand insight into this illness. The MS Society was very supportive of my mother as I was growing up and as a family we actively participated in events organised by the society. As such, the charity is very close to my heart, and I would like now to assist in raising awareness further, to help support others, like my mum who have been diagnosed with this illness.

Committee: Shirley Ann Simpkin


My MS was diagnosed in August 2015, although on reflection, certain medical problems experienced in my younger days that didn't make sense at the time, fit with my current MS symptoms. It has been a life long struggle and so my diagnosis was a relief. I finally knew what was wrong. What was difficult, was life being turned upside down for my Husband and I.  I had to give up my career as a Dispensing Optician and Manager because chronic fatigue shuts me down completely and makes me unreliable to employ. This affected our income, living arrangements and lifestyle.


MS affects a whole family, not just the person diagnosed. The MS Society understands this and is there for everyone who needs help and advice.  I became a member in January 2016 and I will admit, I did so reluctantly. I didn't know what to expect, I assumed I would be surrounded by illness and I was trying to "Live a Normal Life".  How wrong I was, because if I'd have joined earlier, my life would have been quite a bit easier sooner.  My first experience was at the Cheshire Home in the Physiotherapy Department where I was welcomed, helped and advised immediately.  I didn't see disability, just ABILITY.  The MS Society gives me so much and being part of the Committee makes me feel useful again.

Committee: Paul Wolstenholme


My name is Paul, I am 64, I was diagnosed with MS in 1995 in Preston, under Prof. Mitchel.

I have now finished work, I wanted to join the committee to meet and try help people with MS,

if I can help make a difference, that would be great. Remember to stay strong (courage in adversity).

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The aim of the society is to support those on the Island with Multiple Sclerosis and their families. We hope you find this website informative.

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